QUIZ: Can You Finish The Ron Swanson Quote?

Ron in Parks and Rec
Credit: NBC

Parks and Recreation will always remain a fan favorite for many. And Ron Swanson will always be one of the best characters to exist. But how well can you remember some of his famous quotes? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

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  • Question of

    Capitalism is the only way, Leslie. It moves our country forward. It’s what makes America great. And England okay and…

    Ron looking unimpressed
    • Italy terrible.
    • France terrible.
    • China terrible.
    • Germany terrible.
  • Question of

    Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my son, John middle name redacted Swanson. John was born some time ago, weighing multiple pounds and several ounces. Much like his father, he is a fan of silence…

    Parks and rec
    • Let’s not talk for the rest of the day.
    • If you could shut up that would be great.
    • So please refrain from talking.
    • Please keep your voices down.
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    I’m always looking for new investments. Ever since I got my first job at the age of nine, I have put all my money into gold, which is currently at an all-time high. So I have a certain amount of money…

    Ron looking to the camera
    • I’ve said too much.
    • Why did I just tell you that?
    • I wish I’d kept my mouth shut.
    • I will never tell you how much.
  • Question of

    Leslie needs to butt out. The whole point of this country is, if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds and die of a heart attack at 43, you can. You are free to do so…

    Parks and rec snippet
    • It’s how I hope to leave this world.
    • It doesn’t get much better than that.
    • That’s what I love about this country.
    • To me, that’s beautiful.
  • Question of

    I can’t think of anything more noble to go to war over than…

    Parks and Recreation
    • bacon and eggs.
    • burger and fries.
    • biscuits and gravy.
    • pancakes and syrup.
  • Question of

    Reminds me of when my dad made me choose which of my pet calves to slaughter with my own hands for my sixth birthday. I couldn’t choose, so I slaughtered both of them…

    Drunk ron
    • I was traumatised for a full week.
    • It’s a decision I don’t regret.
    • And they were delicious.
    • It was a memorable experience.
  • Question of

    History began on July 4, 1776. Everything before that…

    Ron and Leslie in Parks and rec
    • was forgettable.
    • was meaningless.
    • was pointless.
    • was a mistake.
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    I could not be happier about this. I think the entire government should be privatized. Chuck E. Cheese could run the parks. Everything operated by tokens. Drop in a token, go on the swing set. Drop in another token, take a walk. Drop in a token…

    Ron from parks and rec
    • use the slide.
    • look at a duck.
    • take in the nature.
    • admire the scenery.