QUIZ: Can You Finish The Rosa Diaz Quote?

Rosa Diaz in b99
Credit: NBC; Fox

The fiercest character in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa Diaz provides the meanest yet hilarious moments in the comedy. She’s had some classic lines in the show. But can you remember how they finish? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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  • Question of

    Becky and I broke up…

    Rosa with her hands up
    • She stopped to stroke a cat in the street.
    • I got bored.
    • She ate soup too much.
    • She was too needy.
  • Question of

    I’ve only said I love you to three people. My mom, my dad and my dying grandpa…

    Rosa and pimento in the 99 precinct
    • That’s three too many.
    • And one of those I regret.
    • I should have never told my dad.
    • I felt nauseous every time.
  • Question of

    I never throw up. I just tell my stomach to deal with it…

    Rosa and jake
    • Me and my stomach are friends.
    • I once got food poisoning and not once did I vomit.
    • Works every time.
    • My body is terrified of me.
  • Question of

    The mortgage is paid off. You can give the place to whoever you want. I don’t care. Actually, I do care. Don’t give it to…

    Amy and rosa
    • Gina
    • Charles
    • Hitchcock
    • Scully
  • Question of

    You know, some people say, “Mo money, mo problems,” but those people are idiots…

    Rosa and jake
    • Money’s amazing.
    • Money is my favorite thing.
    • Money is the best.
    • I prefer money to people.
  • Question of

    We put a lot effort into making this place nice. Look…

    Rosa and her GF in B99
    • we actually cleaned.
    • show cushions.
    • lit candles.
    • weird crystals.
  • Question of

    When this is over, I’m going to find you, and I’m going to…

    Rosa and Pimento in B99
    • make you life a living hell.
    • break those little fingers.
    • kick you where it hurts.
    • go all Liam Neeson on your ass.
  • Question of

    I’m sick of asking people how many siblings they have. Oh, is it somewhere between zero and two?

    Rosa in B99
    • Bore someone else with that information.
    • Mind blown.
    • Do I look like I care?
    • How fascinating.
  • Question of

    Next time I catch him shaving I’m gonna punch him so hard in the mouth…

    Rosa looking angry
    • that he rethinks the shaven look.
    • his teeth fly out.
    • that he bites his own heart.
    • he collapses and remains there for 4 hours.
  • Question of

    Anyone over the age of six celebrating a birthday…

    Rosa and pimento looking away
    • should go to hell.
    • can’t be trusted.
    • must have had a happy childhood.
    • needs to rethink their life choices.