QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The “Andy’s Play” Episode?

Andy in his play
Credit: NBC

The episode where Andy finally showcases his talent. The office visits Andy as he stars in Sweeney Todd, but one face is sadly missing. And we all remember the moment Erin rocks up! What else can you remember from Andy’s Play? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

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  • Question of

    What’s the director of the play called?

    Andy with his co star
    • Adam
    • Tony
    • Shelby
    • Craig
  • Question of

    How many dried apricots does Michael say he has eaten?

    Michael and darryl in the audience
    • 20
    • 30
    • 40
    • 50
  • Question of

    Which office worker does one of the cast members fall on when they come into the office?

    The cast of the play
    • Oscar
    • Creed
    • Stanley
    • Kevin
  • Question of

    What item does ‘catching feelings’ fall under in Dwight and Angela’s contract?

    Dwight looking at the camera
    • 7C
    • 7D
    • 8A
    • 8B
  • Question of

    What time does Andy say his play starts?

    Andy opening presents
    • 7pm
    • 7.30pm
    • 8pm
    • 8.30pm
  • Question of

    What tv show does Michael use for his audition?

    Andy on stage
    • The Mentalist
    • Law and Order
    • Columbo
    • CSI: New York
  • Question of

    What does Gabe ask Erin to bring home for him?

    Jim and pam in the audience
    • Plasters
    • A Jigsaw
    • A Magazine
    • Soup
  • Question of

    Why does Erin say she brought Cece out?

    Jim and pam at the play
    • To get ice cream
    • Cece wouldn’t stop crying
    • She was bored and wanted a drive out
    • Jim and Pam were taking too long
  • Question of

    Who starts drinking together at the play?

    The office singing together
    • Michael, Darryl, Kelly and Oscar
    • Michael, Pam, Meredith and Ryan
    • Michael, Darryl, Meredith and Kevin
    • Michael, Stanley, Meredith and Kelly
  • Question of

    Who plays Sweeney Todd?

    Everyone on stage
    • Darryl’s electrician
    • Darryl’s plumber
    • Darryl’s gardener
    • Darryl’s doctor