Quiz: How Well Do You Know The B99 Halloween Heists?

Halloween Heist
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We have seen many Heists across the seasons of Brooklyn nine-Nine, but how well do you know the episodes? Put your knowledge to the test and take the quiz to find out!

  • Question of

    What would have Jake had to do if he didn’t win the first Halloween Heist?

    • Do Holt’s laundry for a month
    • Work weekends with no extra pay
    • Give up his lunch breaks
    • Walk Cheddar every day for a month
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    In Halloween Heist 2, what is the name of the criminal that Jake hires to pickpocket Holt’s watch?

    • Thumbs
    • Hands
    • Fingers
    • Palms
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    What makes both Holt and Jake jump in Halloween Heist 3?

    • A Witch Dummy
    • A Werewolf Dummy
    • A Vampire Dummy
    • A Mummy Dummy
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    How did Rosa steal the Plaque for team Amy in Halloween Heist 4?

    • By hiding amongst Pizza delivery guys
    • By hiding amongst Chinese food delivery guys
    • By hiding amongst Taco delivery guys
    • By hiding amongst Burrito delivery guys
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    What is the name of the aliance formed by Charles, Terry and Rosa in Halloween Heist 5?

    • The Rats
    • The Tramps
    • The Bandits
    • The Travellers
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    What item of Scully’s is attempted to be stolen in the Cinco de Mayo Heist?

    • Fungal foot cream
    • His lunch
    • A photo kelly
    • His medical bracelet
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    What rule is introduced in the Valloweaster Heist?

    • One member of each time must remain blindfolded
    • Teams must be handcuffed to each other
    • You must only use one hand throughout the entire Heist
    • Teams cant talk to each other