QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The ‘Beach Games’ Episode?

Michael at the beach
Credit: NBC

The episode we witness Pam courageously walk over coals. And tell Jim how she really feels. There are plenty more things that happen in Beach Games, but how well do you remember the episode? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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  • Question of

    How many times does Pam say Michael gets sick a year?

    Michael and pam at the beach
    • 30
    • 40
    • 50
    • 60
  • Question of

    What corner of Lake Scranton are they situated on?

    The office at the beach games
    • South-west
    • South-east
    • North-west
    • North-east
  • Question of

    How many hot dogs does Michael want Pam to heat up?

    Pam at the beach
    • 600
    • 700
    • 800
    • 900
  • Question of

    What movie does Michael say he loves?

    Michael at the beach games
    • What a girl wants
    • Mean girls
    • Bring it on
    • 13 going on 30
  • Question of

    Who asks for mustard when eating hot dogs?

    The office eating hot dogs
    • Stanley
    • Kevin
    • Phyllis
    • Meredith
  • Question of

    What does Michael tell everyone to watch out for?

    Michael with the office at the beach
    • Beavers
    • Frogs
    • Alligators
    • Snakes
  • Question of

    What’s the world record for eating hot dogs according to Michael?

    Dwight playing on the beach
    • 53 and a half
    • 54 and a half
    • 55 and a half
    • 56 and a half
  • Question of

    What does Michael shout when Dwight falls onto the coals?

    Dwight at the beach
    • You’re useless
    • Just get up Dwight
    • God that stinks
    • You always ruin everything
  • Question of

    When does Michael say his symptoms started when Dwight is researching what he may have?

    Michael and dwight at the beach
    • 5 minutes ago
    • 10 minutes ago
    • 20 minutes ago
    • An hour ago
  • Question of

    Which four members compete in the egg and spoon race?

    The sumo challenge at the beach
    • Ryan, Kevin, Stanley and Meredith
    • Meredith, Andy, Phyllis and Jim
    • Karen, Stanley, Kevin and Ryan
    • Kelly, Phyllis, Ryan and Karen