QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Booze Cruise Episode?

  • Question of

    What date does Roy give to get married to Pam?

    Pam on the boat
    • June 7th
    • June 10th
    • June 12th
    • June 15th
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    What does Pam suggest the sales team are like?

    Dwight steering the boat
    • The sails
    • The furnace
    • The port
    • The anchor
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    What is the lady from corporate called?

    The lady from corporate
    • Brenda
    • Janice
    • Rachel
    • Mona
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    Where is Dwight’s wallet in the vending machine?

    Dwight's pencil cup in the vending machine
    • C3
    • D5
    • J1
    • E4
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    When Jim is talking to Michael, how does he describe Pam?

    Jim and pam on the boat
    • Sweet and amazing
    • Warm and funny
    • Beautiful and hilarious
    • Lovely and gorgeous
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    Who does Michael first reveal to that they are going on a booze cruise?

    Michael on the boat
    • Meredith
    • Kevin
    • Phyllis
    • Stanley
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    What does Katy spell out when she is pretending to cheerlead?

    Pam and katy on the boat
    • Amazing
    • Awesome
    • Victory
    • Spirit
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    What is the ‘vending machine’ guy called?

    The gang stood around the vending machine
    • John
    • Peter
    • Steve
    • Alan