QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The ‘Classy Christmas’ Episodes?

Michael and Holly in his office
Credit: NBC

Classy Christmas provides us with some entertaining moments. Although it’s the beginning of the end of Michael (because we all know Holly coming back means we have to say goodbye), there are also some hilarious moments. Dwight pranks Jim with his snowball fight and Darryl attempts to impress his daughter. But what else can you remember from the episode? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

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  • Question of

    What’s Michael fake girlfriend called?

    Jim, michael pam and andy
    • Julie
    • Jenny
    • Suzanne
    • Tara
  • Question of

    Who does Michael say his favorite toy story character is?

    Michael and jim
    • Andy
    • Andy’s Mom
    • Jessie
    • Slinky Dog
  • Question of

    Who noticed that Toby was hinting at the Scranton strangler because he was rubbing his neck?

    The office xmas image
    • Oscar
    • Pam
    • Ryan
    • Kelly
  • Question of

    When Dwight pranks Jim with the snowball gift, who does it say it’s from?

    Jim sat at his desk
    • Swiss Cheese
    • Buttercup
    • Monkey
    • Dumpling
  • Question of

    Who suggests that they think Erin ruined Holly’s Woody doll?

    Holly and pam chatting
    • Oscar
    • Phyllis
    • Angela
    • Kevin
  • Question of

    What dressing does Holly claim is on Woody?

    Michael and holly
    • Caeser
    • Thousand Island
    • Ranch
    • Blue Cheese
  • Question of

    How many photographers does Angela say is at a ribbon cutting?

    Pam sat her desk
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    What does Darryl say he recorded for his daughter?

    nate taking a picture of the office
    • iCarly
    • Hannah Montana
    • Wizards of Waverley Place
    • Good Luck Charlie
  • Question of

    Who are the four people we see Dwight impersonate with his wigs?

    Michael and holly talking
    • Pam, Phyllis, Toby and Kevin 
    • Pam, Meredith, Stanley and Creed 
    • Pam, Meredith, Stanley and Kevin
    • Pam, Angela, Oscar and Kevin
  • Question of

    What does Pam say Nashua got for Christmas?

    Jim talking to the camera
    • Game consoles
    • Restaurant vouchers
    • An extra vacation day
    • MP3 players