QUIZ: How Well Do You Know ‘The Convict’ Episode?

Prison mike
Credit: NBC

The episode we get to see Michael’s impression of a convict – and boy is it a good one! But how well can you remember this cringeworthy episode? Test your knowledge with our short quiz here!

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  • Question of

    Who is the first person to suggest that Martin is the ex-convict?

    The office talking in the conference room
    • Angela
    • Michael
    • Kevin
    • Dwight
  • Question of

    When Andy calls Jim in the office, what does he say?

    Jim on the phone to andy
    • I need some loving
    • I am so horny
    • I need to get laid
    • Can Big Tuna help my little sausage?
  • Question of

    How long did Martin say outdoors time was?

    Dwight tricking martin
    • 1 hour
    • 2 hours
    • 3 hours
    • 4 hours
  • Question of

    What does Martin refer to jail as?

    Jim and dwight in the office
    • The slammer
    • The pokey
    • The big house
    • The clink
  • Question of

    Who’s face does Michael scream ‘I am here to scare you straight’?

    Michael as prison mike
    • Phyllis
    • Meredith
    • Ryan
    • Kelly
  • Question of

    When Michael is creating a scenario for Martin going to jail, where does he say it probably happened?

    Pam at the office
    • A supermarket
    • A library
    • A sporting event
    • A park
  • Question of

    How much do Michael’s exercise weights weigh?

    Jim and karen at the printer
    • 2 pounds
    • 2.5 pounds
    • 3 pounds
    • 5 pounds
  • Question of

    What does Michael call the staff when he lets them leave the conference room?

    Michael scott as prison mike
    • Weirdos
    • Idiots
    • Maniacs
    • Nutcases