QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The ‘Costume Contest’ Episode?

Michael dressed up for Halloween
Credit: NBC

The Office wouldn’t be the same if Michael didn’t ruin a party. It’s the Costume Contest, and the office goes full out in an attempt to win the coupon book. And not forgetting that awkward moment between Jim, Pam, and Danny. But what else can you remember? Take our quiz to see!

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  • Question of

    What Lady Gaga song does Gabe make reference to?

    • LoveGame
    • Poker Face 
    • Just Dance
    • Paparazzi
  • Question of

    What does the sign on Darryl’s door say?

    Michael and Toby
    • Happy Halloween
    • Trick or Treat
    • Beware
    • Insane Asylum
  • Question of

    What does Oscar say the coupon book is worth?

    Erin dunking for apples
    • $30
    • $40
    • $50
    • $60
  • Question of

    How much does Oscar say you have to spend to make it worth it?

    Angela dressed as a penguin
    • $100,000
    • $150,000
    • $200,000
    • $250,000
  • Question of

    What letter is on Kevin’s cap?

    Michael and Erin in the office
    • S
    • W
    • X
    • Z
  • Question of

    Who DIDN’T we see vote for Oscar?

    Dwight in the office
    • Creed
    • Kelly
    • Ryan
    • Phyllis
  • Question of

    What does Andy say the paper he wrote for was called?

    Kelly and Ryan
    • Cornell Times
    • Cornell Independent
    • Cornell Daily Sun
    • The Cornell Journal
  • Question of

    How many years does Michael say he hasn’t made a mistake?

    Michael dressed up
    • 12 years
    • 13 years
    • 14 years
    • 15 years
  • Question of

    What percent does Michael say sales on Jupiter have gone up?

    Michael dressed up
    • 6000%
    • 7000%
    • 8000%
    • 9000%
  • Question of

    What does Stanley drink out of Jim’s mug?

    The office at halloween
    • Orange juice
    • Water
    • Coffee
    • Milk