QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The ‘Sex Ed’ Episode?

  • Question of

    How old does Michael claim he is?

    Michael and dwight in the office
    • 41
    • 42
    • 43
    • 44
  • Question of

    Who suggests the con of unplanned pregnancy for Andy’s list?

    The office working
    • Meredith
    • Erin
    • Kevin
    • Oscar
  • Question of

    What does Andy throw when he has a tantrum?

    The women chatting in the conference room
    • The list
    • A chair
    • The pizza
    • A cupcake
  • Question of

    When does Dwight say the labourers will get paid?

    The office chatting to each other
    • 5pm
    • 5.30pm
    • 6pm
    • 6.30pm
  • Question of

    Who is the first person to let Michael know that a cold sore means he has herpes?

    Andy talking to the office
    • Pam
    • Oscar
    • Phyllis
    • Kevin
  • Question of

    Who does Michael say gets pimples all the time?

    Pam and jim talking to the camera
    • Shia LaBeouf
    • Hilary Duff
    • Avril Lavigne
    • Paris Hilton
  • Question of

    What does Michael call Helene?

    Jan and her daughter
    • A weirdo
    • A jerk
    • A bitch
    • A douche
  • Question of

    What does Nate choose to kill the hornets nest first?

    Oscar, jim and darryl chatting
    • A sword
    • A bat
    • Bow and arrow
    • A blow torch
  • Question of

    What does Phyllis recall the last time Andy making an announcement was about?

    Andy with erin and gabe
    • His new phone
    • Asking people to go for drinks
    • That he and Erin are going out
    • Asking if anyone wants a coffee
  • Question of

    What singer does Jan say she covers on her own label?

    Jan talking to michael
    • Doris Day
    • Judy Garland
    • Barbra Streisand
    • Cher