QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Witcher?

The Witcher Quiz
Credit: Netflix The Witcher

The first season was streamed by a whopping 76 Million accounts on Netflix. It gave us action, fantasy and some impressive special effects, but how well do you know the show? put your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

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    In Episode 5, what is Geralt’s first wish for the Djinn?

    • “I want some damn peace”
    • “I want to be left the hell alone”
    • “I want Jaskier to be silenced”
    • “I want some sleep”
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    What is the name of the beast we saw Geralt kill in the first episode?

    • Echinops
    • Kikimore
    • Bloedzuiger
    • Nightwraith
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    What type of creature was Torque?

    • Manticore
    • Glaistig
    • Faun
    • Sylvan
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    How are Ciri’s parents said to have died?

    • In conflict
    • At sea
    • Assassinated
    • Suicide
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    In episode 4, Ciri and Dara are asked to do what by the tribe of Dryads?

    • Drink the forest’s sap
    • Eat the forest’s tree bark
    • Drink the forest’s water
    • Eat the forest’s leaves
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    What are the names of Borch Three Jackdaws’ sidekicks?

    Borch Three Jackdaws
    • Réa and Véa
    • Téa and Léa
    • Téa and Véa
    • Séa and Réa
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    In Episode 6, why was Yennefer on the quest to find and kill a dragon?

    • She knew she would reunite with Geralt on the quest
    • She wanted the treasure
    • She believed it would turn her mortal again
    • She believes a dragon heart will cure her infertility
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    Whilst unconscious, what name does Geralt keep repeating?

    • Jaskier
    • Ciri
    • Yennefer
    • Renfri
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    In episode eight, what does young Geralt say he will make his mother during the hallucination?

    Young Geralt
    • A necklace of dragon teeth
    • A dress of dragon scales
    • A palace of dragon teeth
    • A crown of dragon scales
  • Question of


    • O Quest of Plenty!
    • O Valley of Plenty!
    • O River of Plenty!
    • O Magic of Plenty!