QUIZ – Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Edition

Avengers last charge into battle
Credit: Disney, Avengers: Endgame

Probably the most emotional movie of the last decade, if you’re a marvel fan. So do you think you know everything about the biggest franchise in history? Test your knowledge on this quiz.

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    Which one of Hawkeye’s family is first to disappear due to Thanos’ snap?

    Man with arrow smiling looking happy
    • Laura
    • Lila
    • Cooper
    • Nathaniel
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    How long does Hulk say he spent in the gamma lab merging his two personalities?

    Hulk looking into the camera
    • 1 year
    • 13 months
    • 18 months
    • 1 months
  • Question of

    What country is New Asgard located?

    Chubby Thor with sunglasses on sat down in a lawn chair
    • Norway
    • United States
    • South Wales, England
    • France
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    Which character had 20 minutes and 30 seconds worth of screen time?

    Marvel superheroes all lined up in a row
    • Mantis
    • Doctor Strange
    • Falcon
    • Thor
  • Question of

    How old is Captain America at the beginning of the movie (including being in the ice)?

    Captain America holding Thor's hammer on a battlefield
    • 91
    • 64
    • 178
    • 105
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    Which character has appeared in more MCU movies?

    Most of the characters from avengers on a poster
    • Thor
    • Iron Man
    • Captain America
    • Hawkeye
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    What is the name of Thor’s axe?

    Thor holding his new axe
    • Mjolnir
    • Stormbreaker
    • Gungnir
    • Lightbear
  • Question of

    Where did Ant-Man end up after returning from the Quantum Realm?

    Ant-Man with his white suit on
    • Storage Facility
    • His House
    • The Dump
    • A Rooftop
  • Question of

    What is the name of Iron Man’s daughter?

    Tony Stark and Pepper Potts looking and smiling at each other
    • Melody
    • Hope
    • Morgan
    • Chloe
  • Question of

    What did Falcon say to Captain America when the rest of the Avengers arrived to fight Thanos on last time?

    Falcon in his suit and goggles looking off to the left
    • “Miss me?”
    • “Surprise!”
    • “On Your Left”
    • “I’m back”
  • Question of

    Who does Thor crown as the “new” King of Asgard?

    Thor with lightning shooting off him and his axe in one hand
    • Loki
    • Korg
    • Star-Lord
    • Valkyrie
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    How many days are Tony Stark and Nebula stranded in space for?

    Space ship in the depths of space
    • 22
    • 20
    • 89
    • 43
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    What’s the name on Captain America’s disguise in 1970?

    Captain America with cap and sunglasses on in disguise
    • Joe
    • Markus
    • Roscoe
    • Pete
  • Question of

    How many people does Hawkeye kill on-screen in Tokyo?

    Hawkeye standing in Tokya with dead bodies around him
    • 112
    • 14
    • 5
    • 11
  • Question of

    How long is the time gap?

    Ant Man with his suit on look concerned
    • 7 days
    • 5 years
    • 1 year
    • 20 years
  • Question of

    Who makes the Gauntlet for Thanos?

    Groot and man behind him
    • Brokkr
    • Eitri
    • Fafnir
    • Groot
  • Question of

    Who said, “So you guys want a drink? What are we drinking? We got beer, tequila, all sorts of things.”

    Beer barrells stacked up in Asgard
    • Korg
    • Thor
    • Ant Man
    • Loki