QUIZ: What Ranking Would You Be In Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

People stood in a police office
Credit: Fox

Ever wondered what role you would be best suited for in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Would you be perfect as a Detective like Peralta or step up and be in charge like Captain Holt? Take our short quiz to see what ranking you would be!

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  • Question of

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time as a hobby?

    People swimming in a pool
    • Reading
    • Cooking
    • Playing an instrument
    • Puzzles
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    You have to tell your employees that they have to work overtime – how do you deal with this?

    People stood in a police office
    • Organise a task for each person to be efficiently done
    • Tell them if they get this done then we can all go for a beer afterwards
    • Work can wait – its Friday night!
    • It’s their job, there is no choice in the matter
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    What would be your favourite thing about working on the police force?

    People in a police interrogation
    • Driving a police car
    • The satisfaction of an arrest
    • Being in charge/ having authority
    • The finer details e.g. paperwork
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    Which character would you say you relate to the most?

    People laughing in an office
    • Terry
    • Jake
    • Amy
    • Holt
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    You’re a police officer and feel a bit daring – how would you misuse your badge?

    People talking in a police office
    • To try and get free doughnuts
    • Drive around with the sirens on
    • Report someone who has been annoying you
    • I would never misuse my badge!
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    Pick a cop series…

    Two men in fancy dress
    • The Fall
    • Line of Duty
    • Chips
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
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    It’s a Saturday night – where are you?

    People stood in a bar
    • At home with a glass of wine
    • Bowling/arcade/cinema
    • A bar/restaurant
    • Working overtime
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    And finally, how much authority do you believe you have?

    People stood on a roof
    • Very little
    • Some
    • A great amount
    • I am always in charge…