Quiz: Which Character From ‘The Witcher’ Are You?

The Witcher Characters
Credit Netflix

So you managed to binge watch the entire first season of The Witcher in one sitting and now you have to wait AGES for season 2?… you’re not alone. So why not pass the time by taking our quiz to find out which character you best resemble from the show? Start by clicking below!


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  • Question of

    1/9 You are walking through a forest alone when suddenly you hear a scream. What do you do?

    Witcher woods
    • Run very quickly in the opposite direction
    • Someone could be in trouble, stealthily make your way towards the scream
    • Hide and observe from a distance to see where the noise could have come from
    • Grab whatever weapon you have/is near you and get ready to attack
  • Question of

    2/9 Which of the following is your idea of fun?

    The Witcher game
    • Going on adventures, alone or with people
    • Anything as long as there is good company
    • Anything that gets the adrenaline going!
    • Everything is fun with alcohol!
  • Question of

    3/9 You have three wishes from a Djinn, how are you most likely to use them?

    Yennefer and the Djinn
    • To make myself more powerful!
    • On my enemies, think of the havoc you could cause
    • To do some good in the world
    • On my appearance or wealth
  • Question of

    4/9 You are told by a wise mage “You must go on a quest, it is your destiny” what is your response?

    The Witcher Mages
    • Definitely, destiny should not be messed with
    • I’ll pass, but only because I can’t be bothered
    • Destiny? I’ll believe it when I see it
    • Destiny? What a load of rubbish
  • Question of

    5/9 You are suddenly approached by an angry creature, the nearest weapon is a branch next to you, what do you do?

    The Witcher Episode 1
    • Grab the branch and go crazy on its ass!
    • Try to reason with the creature
    • Struggle and attempt to run
    • Pick up the branch and threaten the creture
  • Question of

    6/9 What would be your ideal quest?

    The Witcher Roach
    • It doesn’t matter as long as there is gold
    • Something as easy as possible
    • I don’t mind as long as I’m with other people
    • I’ll take anything on
  • Question of

    7/9 What would be your preferred way of dealing with combat?

    The Witcher Assassin
    • Magic
    • I would sooner just go undetected by anything angry
    • Let other people to do the fighting for me
    • Use anything sharp
  • Question of

    8/9 It’s been a long day, how do you relax?

    The Witcher bath scene
    • With my feet up and drink in hand
    • See the day out with friends and good food
    • Sleep. Lots of it.
    • As comfortable and civilised as possible
  • Question of

    9/9 How will you be spending your time waiting for the next season?

    Geralt and Jaskier
    • Curled up in a ball and crying until it’s out
    • Re-watching season 1 on a loop
    • I’ll find another show to pass the time
    • Quoting the show every day