QUIZ: Which Friends Character Are You?

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    Where would you love to go on holiday?

    • London
    • Las Vegas
    • Greece
    • Paris
    • New York
    • Barbados
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    You are at Central Perk. What do you order?

    • Hot Chocolate
    • Americano
    • Iced Tea
    • Latte
    • Espresso
    • English Breakfast Tea
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    Which episode would you say is your favorite out of the following?

    • The One WIth Unagi
    • The One Where Everybody Finds Out
    • The One With The Embryos
    • The One With All The Thanksgivings
    • The One With The Videotape
    • The Last One
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    Which safari animal would you compare yourself to?

    • Elephant
    • Crocodile
    • Meerkat
    • Lion
    • Cheetah
    • Baboon
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    Who has been your favorite guest star on the show?

    • Julia Roberts
    • Reese Witherspoon
    • Brad Pitt
    • Susan Sarandon
    • Sean Penn
    • Danny Devito
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    Which moment had you shocked the most? (Minus that finale of course!)

    • When Ross claims his red jumper
    • When Monica proposes to Chandler
    • When Rachel kisses Ross after watching the prom video
    • When Chandler and Monica sleep together in London
    • When Joey proposes to Rachel
    • When Ross cheats on Rachel
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    You’re at a karaoke bar. What do you sing?

    • Love Shack
    • I Will Survive
    • Dancing Queen
    • Mr. Brightside
    • Genie in a Bottle
    • Livin’ on a Prayer
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    If you could make one change, who would you have liked to end up together in the end?

    • Joey and Kristen
    • Monica and Richard
    • Phoebe and David
    • Ross and Mona
    • Rachel and Gavin
    • Chandler and Kathy