QUIZ: Which Futurama Character Are You?

QUIZ: Which Futurama Character Are You?

Good news everyone! Ever wondered which Futurama character you are? Take this short quiz to find out!

The legendary cartoon first made its appearance way back in 1999 which makes us feel old to say the least! And it nearly didn’t last all that long after FOX stopped purchasing episodes in 2003, it was then picked up six years later by comedy central where it served it’s time until 2013.. And yet it still never felt like enough.

But that’s not all… FOX were so worried that the cartoon series would flop that they desperately tried to change aspects to make it more family friendly. Luckily Matt Groening didn’t cave and thus one of the best cartoons ever created was born!


  • Question of

    You’re running late for an important Planet Express delivery to Omicron Persei 8, what do you do?

    • Pretend the package got lost and head home
    • Full thrusters ahead!
    • We’ll get there when we get there! remain on the same course
    • Let them know the package will be late and pray they don’t kill you for it
    • Seduce them so they forget the package is late in the first place
  • Question of

    You’re planning a Planet Express night out with all your colleagues, where are you going?

    • Catch the new ‘Shrek 234’ Movie at the cinema
    • Go and watch The Space Demolition Derby
    • Catch a game of Blernsball
    • Head to the bar!
    • Go to an all you can eat restaurant
  • Question of

    A friend’s birthday party is coming up but you also have a date at Panucci’s Pizza on the same night, what do you do?

    • Go on the date, this could be your true love!
    • It’s your friend’s birthday! You wouldn’t miss it for the world
    • Tell your friend and the date that you’re busy, then you don’t have to make the difficult decision
    • Go to the party and attempt to sneak out part way through to meet your date!
    • Try to convince the date to go to the party with you instead
  • Question of

    An Alien has been detected on the ship and has killed the power, how do you tackle the situation to get the power back on?

    • Organise two groups, one to search for the Alien and the other to turn on the power
    • Lock yourself in the cockpit and let your friends deal with it
    • Hunt the alien yourself!
    • Grab a gun and start blasting
    • Sneak through the vents and avoid bumping into the Alien at all costs!
  • Question of

    The Alien approaches you, luckily you’re next to the armoury, what weapon to you pick?

    • The biggest blaster you can find
    • Anything that explodes
    • Flamethrower
    • Nothing, it will only slow you down as you run away
    • Something sharp, you want to stab this thing to death
  • Question of

    Someone has eaten your lunch at work, what do you do?

    • Eat someone else’s lunch, it’s only fair
    • Launch an investigation to find out who the culprit is
    • Ah forget it! It was probably an accident
    • Time to start making threats…
    • Eat EVERYONE’S lunch
  • Question of

    What best describes your work ethic?

    • Head down getting on with the task in hand
    • Gossip gets you through the day
    • Pretending to work is what you’re good at
    • You’re happy as long as it isn’t boring work
    • You’re passionate with everything you do
  • Question of

    You notice that a colleague has been taking the planet express ship without permission, what do you do?

    • Call a meeting to decide the punishment
    • Approach them and tell them to stop
    • Ask them for a favour in return for not telling anyone
    • Pretend you didn’t see it, you don’t need the drama
    • See it as an opportunity for you to use the ship too
  • Question of

    What would be your ideal way to unwind in the year 3000?

    • Go to a Robo Strip club
    • Go play some Blernsball
    • Sleep.
    • Go and watch Space Demolition Derby
    • Go and travel the universe
  • Question of

    Someone bumps the Planet Express ship whilst you’re driving, what do you do?

    • Give them some verbal abuse
    • Nudge hit them back and claim it on the insurance
    • Fire a warning rocket in their direction
    • Ignore it, probably just a scratch, nothing to worry about
    • Take their details and get ready to take their ass to Earth supreme court