QUIZ: Which Harry Potter Student Are You?

Harry Potter Characters
Credit: Warner Brother Studios Harry Potter

It’s hard to believe that the films came to an epic conclusion way back in 2011, but it’s safe to say that the fan base is as alive now as it was back then! But if you were to have been a Hogwarts student, which Harry Potter Character would you be? Take quiz to find out!

You will be asked questions about how you would react in different situations, would you run from a troll or try to fight? Would you stand up for your friends or run away from danger? It’s time to find out which Harry Potter character you are!

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  • Question of

    You are told that someone needs to go into the Forbidden Forest to patrol the area at night, how do you react?

    Forbidden forest
    • “Count me in!”
    • “I’ll do it, but I’m not going alone”
    • “Not a chance I’m going!”
    • *Volunteer a friend*
    • *Pretend to faint*
  • Question of

    You are walking through the forbidden forest with friends and hear a twig snap in the dark ahead, what do you do?

    Forbidden Forest Spider
    • Hide behind the nearest tree
    • Get your wand out and prepare yourself
    • Immediately start shouting every spell you can think of
    • Walk towards the sound prepared for whatever comes your way
    • Volunteer a member of your group to check it out
  • Question of

    You see that the cause of the noise was a troll, but it hasn’t seen you, what do you do?

    • Attempt to cast a charm at the troll
    • Throw a rock to divert it’s attention and sneak past
    • Take no chances and attempt to hit it with a curse
    • Run back the way you came in hope that you are faster
    • Sneak way slowly in hope that it won’t hear you
  • Question of

    You see a fellow student walking through the door to the forbidden corridor at night, what do you do?

    Forbidden Corridor
    • Say nothing and return to your dorm, you don’t want to get in trouble
    • Approach them and ask them what they are doing
    • Report them to Filch
    • Follow them unseen and cast a couple of levitation charms to freak them out
    • Tell them the next day that you saw them and use it as a bribe
  • Question of

    What are you most likely getting called to Professor Mcgonagall’s office for?

    Professor McGonagall
    • Snooping around after dark
    • Pranking other students class
    • Accidentally setting fire to a teacher’s hair
    • For high praise in being a perfect student
    • Standing up for your friends in a fight
  • Question of

    How would you best enjoy your free time at Hogwarts?

    • Head down to Hogsmeade for some butterbeer
    • Chill in the common room
    • Go and explore the castle grounds
    • Get some extra reading in
    • Challenge your friends to a broom race
  • Question of

    What are you ordering from the trolley on the way to Hogwarts?

    • Nothing! It’s far too bad for you
    • Chocolate Frogs
    • Bertie Botts All Flavour Beans
    • Licorice Wand
    • Cauldron Cakes
  • Question of

    You find yourself in possession of a powerful artefact capable of doing both good and evil, what do you do?

    Elder Wand
    • It’s mine, I found it, I’m going to use it
    • Keep it hidden away from anyone, it’s only being used in emergencies
    • Tell your friends and ask for advice
    • Immediately look up ways to destroy it
    • Hand it over to the Ministry of Magic