QUIZ: Which Stranger Things Adult Are You?

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    Pick your favorite Netflix show (other than Stranger Things ofc)…

    Stranger things kids
    • Sex Education
    • Firefly Lane
    • You
    • Umbrella Academy
    • Atypical
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    Pick a quote from the show…

    Eleven on the beach
    • There’s More To Life Than Stupid Boys.
    • You Shouldn’t Like Things Because People Tell You You’re Supposed To.
    • Mornings Are For Coffee And Contemplation.
    • Friends Don’t Lie.
    • She’s Not Going To Be Able To Resist These Pearls.
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    Pick a food/drink item featured in the show…

    Kids at the St school
    • Eggos
    • Coca Cola
    • Meatloaf
    • French Fries
    • Slurpee
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    Pick an old school game…

    The kids in Stranger Things
    • Pacman
    • Tetris
    • Super Mario Bros
    • Donkey Kong
    • Space Invaders
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    Pick one of the younger characters…

    Will and Eleven on the bed
    • Eleven
    • Lucas
    • Will
    • Mike
    • Dustin
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    Pick a famous 80s pop star…

    Dustin, steve and robin walking
    • Prince
    • Madonna
    • George Michael
    • Whitney Houston
    • Michael Jackson
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    Pick a monster from the show…

    The hospital monster in Stranger Things
    • The Mind Flayer
    • The Spider Monster
    • The Demodog
    • The Demogorgon
    • D’artagan
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    And finally, pick your favorite friendship/duo from the show…

    The boys in stranger things
    • Dustin and Steve
    • Eleven and Mike
    • Lucas and Max
    • Hopper and Mrs Byers
    • Johnathan and Nancy