QUIZ: Which Stranger Things Duo Would You Be Perfect In?

Two boys and a girl looking straight into the camera
Credit: Netflix

There are some perfect partnerships in Stranger Things that all of us love. But which do you think you would make a perfect threesome with? Would you gatecrash Nancy and Johnathan’s lovefest or would you hang out at Scoop’s Ahoy with Dustin and Steve on the regular? Play the quiz to find out who your perfect Stranger Things duo…

Big Stranger Things Fan? Think you will get 100% on this quiz then…

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  • Question of

    Pick a character…

    A title of Stranger Things glowing red
    • Robin
    • Will
    • Karen
    • Erica
    • Martin
  • Question of

    Pick a character that has sadly passed away…

    R.I.P engraved into a stone
    • Barbara
    • Bob
    • Dr. Alexei
    • The Flayed
    • Billy
  • Question of

    Which scene would you say made you cry the most?

    A young girl reads a note which makes her cry
    • Billy dies
    • Bob’s heroics
    • The Byers move away
    • Hopper dies
    • Eleven reads Hopper’s note
  • Question of

    There’s a demogorgon heading your way, what is you initial reaction?

    • Hide from it!
    • Run!
    • Try and fight it!
    • Distract it some way!
    • Use special powers of course!
  • Question of

    Which is your favourite nod to the 80’s featured in the film?

    • The costumes worn
    • The food and drink consumed
    • The music
    • The activities
    • The films and games
  • Question of

    Which scene out of the following would you say is your favourite?

    A group of teenagers looking to be hatching a plan
    • Mike and Eleven finally reuniting
    • The Snow Ball
    • Dustin and Suzie singing ‘NeverEnding Story’
    • Bob making a heroic sacrifice
    • Joyce talks to Will with the Christmas lights
  • Question of

    How would your friends describe you?

    Four boys looking into a screen playing a game
    • Shy
    • Outgoing
    • Loyal
    • Logical
    • Brave
  • Question of

    If you could choose somewhere to hang out in Hawkins, where would it be?

    Four boys riding bikes, looking at something mysterious in the distance
    • Will’s house
    • Mike’s basement
    • The arcade
    • The junkyard
    • The mall