QUIZ: Who Would Be Your B99 BFF?

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Credit: NBC

Ever wondered who would be your B99 BFF? Well take our quiz to see who we think would be your perfect person to be best friends within the precinct!

If you want to know who you be in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then this is perfect for you!

B99 fan, feeling cold? Check this out…

  • Question of

    What is something you would like to work on?

    A group of people dancing
    • My cooking skills
    • My social media presence
    • My writing skills
    • My dancing abilities
    • My athletic abilities
    • Nothing – I am perfect!
  • Question of

    You catch a high profile murderer – how do you celebrate?

    Two police officers showing their badge
    • Celebration with my family
    • There’s no time for celebration – work has to be done!
    • Straight down to the pub!
    • Relax at home with a glass of wine!
    • You think i have the ability to catch a murderer – HA!
    • Back the office to let everyone know how good I am!
  • Question of

    Where would you choose to go for fun?

    • The Zoo
    • The Gym
    • Theme Park
    • Mini Golf
    • The Winery
    • The Club
  • Question of

    You’re off-duty and witness a crime – what do you do?

    A group of people looking confusing
    • Go after the criminal – I’m a cop duh
    • It’s my day off, I didn’t see a thing
    • Help whoever the crime affected
    • Turn this into a mission!
    • Write down details of the criminal…
    • What’s going on?
  • Question of

    What is your favorite beverage?

    Drunk people enjoying themselves at a bar
    • Wine
    • Coffee
    • Beer
    • Water
    • Milkshake
    • Cocktail
  • Question of

    How would your friends describe you?

    Two men showing a badge
    • Intelligent
    • Outgoing
    • Class-clown
    • Loyal
    • Honest
    • Laid-back
  • Question of

    What would your dream kind of vacation be?

    • Exotic
    • Road Trip
    • Cultural
    • Active
    • Beach
    • Amusement Park
  • Question of

    Which animal would you say is your ‘spirit animal’?

    A man talking to a dog
    • Meerkat
    • Monkey
    • Dolphin
    • Tiger
    • Peacock
    • Bull