QUIZ: Would You Survive A Date With Joe Goldberg?

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Do you think you could survive Joe Goldberg and his wicked ways? You may think you’re up to the challenge, but you could be very, very, wrong…

If you enjoyed the series, you might enjoy reading about Goldberg’s twisted mind…

And if you find yourself weirdly attracted to the maniac, have a read of this!

  • Question of

    How strong would you say your passwords for your devices are?

    • Extremely – fingerprints and 20 letter passwords for me!
    • They are ok – they could be stronger…
    • I don’t need passwords…
  • Question of

    How many social media accounts do you have?

    • Instagram, Snapchat – the lot!
    • I only stick to one social media account…
    • I don’t like social media!
  • Question of

    You are locked in Joe’s glass box. What do you try and do to escape?

    • Try and make a weapon out of anything I can find!
    • Scream until somebody hears me!
    • There is no escape! I may as well just relax…
  • Question of

    You are chilling out at home – how far open are the curtains?

    • I don’t have curtains, I like to see the fresh outdoors…
    • The curtains are most definitely closed – I enjoy my privacy!
    • I like them half open – that way I feel safe but not like a recluse…
  • Question of

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    • Anything away from people – maybe go for a run in the woods!
    • I like to be around people – coffee shops, things like that…
    • I enjoy spending time in the house mainly, but will occasionally pop out to the shops!
  • Question of

    You start to think that Joe isn’t who he seems to be. What do you do?

    • Confide in my friends – they always know best…
    • I don’t want to jump to conclusions – I will wait and see what happens…
    • Move country, tell the police – anything to stay away from this creep.
  • Question of

    If you had to choose one piece of technology to use, what would it be?

    • Camera
    • Mobile Phone
    • Laptop
  • Question of

    Joe turns up to a date with blood on his t-shirt, what do you suspect?

    • Oh it’s only a nose bleed…
    • I knew he was up to something, he needs to be questioned…
    • Bit weird that he has blood on him, but am I jumping the gun?
  • Question of

    Joe flips and starts to chase you round the house. What do you do?

    • Hide – he won’t find me…
    • I know all the exits, I’ll head for the door…
    • Try and knock him out – there’s plenty of lamps in the house.
  • Question of

    You can design your dream house – where would you live?

    • A big mansion in the countryside
    • A fancy apartment block in a big city
    • A detached house in the suburbs – there should be space for a panic room…

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