QUIZ: Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?

Splitscreen of most of the main cast in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Credit: NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ever wondered which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character you best resemble? Take our short quiz to find out!

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  • Question of

    1/9 You open the fridge to find your favourite lunch time snack stolen! what do you do?

    Jake Peralta sat in a hot tub holding a sandwich which he says, I'm disgusting
    • EXPLODE! take no prisoners and demand to know who is responsible
    • Do the detective work silently and work out who it was before privately confronting them
    • Accept that it isn’t worth the fuss and buy yourself another one
    • Create posters and flyers for the missing snack, showing both how serious the situation is but also that you have a sense of humour
  • Question of

    2/9 It’s non-uniform day at the precinct, what style are you choosing to solve crimes for the day?

    brooklyn nine nine screeshot
    • As casual as I can get away with!
    • Going all out, just because it’s dress-down doesn’t mean I’m not looking fabulous
    • Same clothes as any other work day, it’s not worth getting casual clothes dirty for
    • Whatever I find on my floor when I roll out of bed
  • Question of

    3/9 Child – “Can we stop at McDonalds on the way back?”. Your response…

    Hitchcock and Scully sat down talking to camera
    • “You bet we can!”
    • “We have burgers at home”
    • “Yeah… but don’t tell your mother/father”
    • “No chance buddy!”
  • Question of

    4/9 You need to choose a car for your undercover assignment, what feature do you base your decision on?

    Amy Santiago and Diaz standing through a limo sunroof
    • SPEED!
    • Comfort
    • Does it have a cup holder?
    • How cool will it make me look?
  • Question of

    5/9 You have a concert to see your FAVOURITE band, but it’s on your best friend’s birthday party. What do you do?

    Character of Brooklyn Nine-Nine cheering with arms in the air, raised
    • No musician can come between you and your bestie, you are going to the party no questions asked.
    • You plan to go to half the concert then leave early to go to the party
    • You accept that birthdays happen every year and choose the concert and tell them what choice you had to make
    • You can’t bring yourself to tell your friend… so you make up an excuse about an illness and go to the concert
  • Question of

    6/9 You are told you can have entire cake if you resist eating the slice in front of you for an hour, what do you do?

    Gina Linetti eating a sub and loving it
    • Wait of course, what’s better than a slice of cake? A WHOLE CAKE!
    • Very carefully nibble away at parts of the slice making it look like you didn’t eat any of it
    • Eat the slice. Self control? what’s that?
    • Begin nibbling the slice which spirals out of control leading to the entire slice being eaten
  • Question of

    7/9 You see a masked person rob a store, what do you do?

    Jake Peralta holding a gun up at Charles Boyle
    • Chase that bad guy, YOU ARE A HERO
    • Assume the authorities will catch up with them eventually and go about your day
    • Shout something along the lines of “QUICK GET THEM!” without giving chase
    • Go into the store to see if you can help anyone
  • Question of

    8/9 You need to prepare for a dangerous situation, how do you psych yourself up?

    Jake Peralta, Charles Boyle and Terry Jeffords walking with their guns out
    • No need, you’re always ready!
    • You need some loud ‘go time’ music!
    • A relaxing minute to yourself to go through your next moves
    • A good beat on your chest followed by loud shouting should do it!
  • Question of

    9/9 It’s been a long day catching crooks, how do you relax in the evening?

    Jake Peralta, left. Charles Boyle, Right holding up a beer to a male off to the right
    • You never relax, your mind is always on the job
    • You see the next morning in by clubbing through the night!
    • A nice relaxing evening flicking binge watching your favourite shows
    • There’s nothing you love more than a massage and a bubble bath!