QUIZ: Which Office Boss Would You Be?

Credit: NBC

Ever wondered which office boss you are? Well, look no further! These questions should hopefully determine which office boss you would be! Are you business-minded like Robert or just up for a good time like Michael? Take our quiz to see…

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  • Question of

    What one word would your friends use to describe you?

    • Honest
    • Impulsive
    • Responsible
    • Sophisticated
    • Passionate
  • Question of

    How do you respond to stress?

    • Stress – what’s that?
    • I can’t cope with it!
    • I am pretty balanced so not too bad
    • I try and avoid it at all costs
    • It forces me to take risks
  • Question of

    What things do like to post to social media?

    • Deep quotes and thoughts
    • Memes
    • The latest news
    • Selfies
    • Cute pictures of dogs
  • Question of

    What would you say your management/leadership style would be?

    • Democratic
    • Coaching
    • Authoritative
    • Visionary
    • Laidback
  • Question of

    You have a crush on someone in the office – how do you deal with it?

    • It’s not appropriate…
    • Pretend I don’t fancy them, but that probably won’t work
    • Guess I’ll have to tell HR
    • Stalk the person until they talk to me
    • I’m in love with myself and no one else…
  • Question of

    There is some money spare that needs to be spent in the office – how would you spend it?

    • A pay rise for everyone
    • A holiday for employees
    • A party for everyone
    • New furniture
    • The money should be saved for the business
  • Question of

    What would you say is your favourite part of the day?

    • Morning time!
    • Dinner time!
    • Home time!
    • Tv time!
    • Bed time!
  • Question of

    What did you always want to be when you grew up?

    • Pilot
    • Actor/Singer
    • Astronaut
    • Teacher
    • Police Officer