QUIZ: Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Character from Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix, Stranger Things

It’s a long wait until we return to Hawkins for the next series of Stranger Things, so in the meantime why don’t you find out which character you best resemble? Take our short quiz to find out and don’t forget to share your results!

  • Question of

    1/9 You are hanging out with friends when you come face to face with a Demogoran, what do you do?

    Concept drawing on a Demogorgan
    • RUN! Fast and far away
    • Grab the nearest heavy object and attempt to kill it
    • Create a distraction so your friends can get to safety
    • Push Eleven to the front, she can sort it out!
  • Question of

    2/9 It’s summer vacation and you have a whole day with your friends, where is your hangout spot?

    The young characters in the Stranger Things looking into the camera
    • Arcade
    • The Mall (shopping)
    • Scoops Ahoy
    • Castle Byers
  • Question of

    3/9 The whole gang is hungry so you go to the kitchen to find only one Eggo left, what do you do?

    Eggo packaging with Ell from Stranger Things on the box
    • Split it evenly so everyone can enjoy it!
    • Eat it all to yourself and say there is no food in the house
    • Let your friends fight over the Eggo
    • Play a game with the winner awarded the last Eggo
  • Question of

    4/9 You are preparing to face the Mind Flayer, what is your weapon of choice?

    The monster from Stranger Things looking over a building
    • Baseball bat… Covered in barbed wire
    • Slingshot
    • Your brain is your weapon, you prepare to think through a way to escape unseen
    • Anything that explodes
  • Question of

    5/9 How do you prefer to enter a dangerous situation?

    Characters from Stranger Things in the mall on the ground with broken glass
    • Stealthy and preferably unseen
    • All guns blazing, show them who’s boss
    • You refuse to enter dangerous situations
    • With a crafty disguise to blend in
  • Question of

    6/9 What would be your toy/game of choice?

    Girl with redhead playing on a retro games machine in an arcade
    • Walkie Talkie
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Ghost Busters gun
    • Remote control car
  • Question of

    7/9 What’s your favourite 80’s movie

    The four Stranger Things boys dressed as Ghostbusters
    • Ghost Busters
    • Star Wars
    • Never ending story
    • Day of the dead
  • Question of

    8/9 It’s your best friend’s birthday party but you also got invited to see Back To The Future at the cinema! what do you do?

    Cinema Theatre's Banner with Ell in the foreground
    • Go to the party, nothing gets in the way of you and your bestie!
    • Go to the cinema, your friend will have a party next year anyway!
    • Fake an illness and go to neither! You just can’t let anyone down
    • Do both! leave the party early and head to the cinema
  • Question of

    9/9 What’s your 80’s go to style?

    A store in a mall called The Gap
    • Stripey T-Shirt and shorts
    • Headband and vest combo
    • Whatever’s Bitchin’
    • Scoops uniform all the way!

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